Bài mẫu & Từ vựng IELTS Writing Task 2 – Topic: Happiness is Considered Very Important in Life

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Happiness is Considered Very Important in Life

Happiness is considered very important in life. Why is it difficult to define? What factors are important in achieving happiness?

Bài mẫu & Từ vựng IELTS Writing Task 2 – Topic: Happiness is Considered Very Important in Life

Sample Essay

In the materialistic world, happiness is the primary requisite of every individual on earth as it is a fundamental ingredient to lead a quality of life. Happiness varies from person to person, and it cannot be explained in one word as every individual has a different definition of happiness. Therefore it isn’t easy to describe the actual purpose of happiness. However, physical and psychological factors are regarded as crucial to acquire happiness in life.

Everyone is in search of happiness, and for some people, achieving happiness is the ultimate goal. But the way of achieving happiness differs as every individual has a different perspective towards living a quality life. For some people, happiness is when they start earning and receive their salary or achieve their dream. Some people have a sense of satisfaction when their health is fit and fine. There are others who associate peacefulness and excitement as an idea of happiness. Therefore, humans are never satisfied with what they have. For example, if one accomplishes their goal or aim in life, they’re not content with it. They want it more and continue hustling. As a result, this cycle continues. Thus, the term ‘happiness’ is indefinite and cannot be measured by any standards.

Despite the definition of happiness varying and remaining a mystery, many factors help an individual achieve felicity. For instance, some of them attain greatest joy in sharing life experiences with loved ones, family and friends. Some believe that happiness is when their basic survival needs are fulfilled. Others assume that money is the most obvious resource that would bring joy in their lives. Therefore, happiness is merely based on a person’s state of mind.

To conclude, happiness is one of the essential feelings in everyone’s life. Although it’s complicated to delineate this emotion, people have their ways and requirements to accomplish happiness. However, my definition of joy in life is having sound health, an understanding family, and a sense of freedom.


  • Felicity 

Meaning: Hạnh phúc mãnh liệt

Eg:  I was highly felicitated when I got the first rank.

  • Delineate 

Meaning: miêu tả.

Eg: The tourist guide delineated with us about the magnificent palace.

  • Survival 

Meaning: sinh tồn.

 Eg: The survival rate in the tribal area is less.

  • Requisite 

Meaning: Tinh tế.

Eg: All the students must pay the requisite amount  of fee before appearing for the exams.

  • Plethora 

Meaning: Một số lượng rất lớn.

Eg: There were a plethora of books in the library.

  • Mystery

Meaning: Huyền bí.

Eg: There’s a mystery about this haunted house.

  • Ultimate 

Meaning: Tối thượng.

Eg: His ultimate goal in life is to become a doctor and serve the people.

  • Vary

Meaning: differ in size, amount or degree or nature from something else of the same general class.

Eg: The stitched clothes vary in size.

  • Satisfy

Meaning: Thay đổi.

Eg: The boss was extremely satisfied with his employees.

  • Hustle

Meaning: Làm vui lòng.

Eg: Johnny was tired of hustling between his 9 to 5 job.

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