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Task 2: Some people say that individuals who make a lot of money are most successful. Others think that those who contribute to society like scientists and teachers are most successful. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is the case that the public have different views about whether teachers and scientists or money makers would be considered more successful. While some argue that wealthy individuals should be acknowledged more than the others, others and I deem that not all regard financial wealth as the sole criterion for measuring success.

There are several reasons why millionaires or billionaires tend to be illustrated as typical and compelling examples of successfulness. It is undoubted that the payment is used to tie tightly to people’s performance, so those with handsome salaries and high personal incomes are often depicted to be a successful image. In fact, in this materialistic world, people who are able to generate immense profits for their companies or businesses and show outperforming ideas or problem-solving skills tend to be highly appreciated or viewed as outstanding persons. In addition, those who accumulate considerably financial wealth that could be used to support themselves and others are seen as accomplished individuals. Their successfulness is based on how many people they have helped financially, so helping them and other earn an ample amount of money to sustain is great achievements that not many people are able to achieve.

Nevertheless, from my perspective, scientists and teachers are also successful people in our society for several reasons. The first reason is that owing to researchers, countless scientific breakthroughs have been conducted throughout the history of mankind. These scientific achievements have provided us with solutions for various global setbacks, such as repelling pandemics or finding alternative sources of energy. The second evident reason is that educators also play a major role in assisting students to broaden their learning horizons and acquire well-mannered behaviors. As a result, these students, with accumulated knowledge from their teachers, can be fundamental contributors to their country’s prosperity. In other words, future human capital of each country relies heavily on how well students are trained these days.

In conclusion, while some justifications associated with working performance and the ability to help others materially can justify why some may think that affluence equals success, I would contend that the social accomplishments contributed by intellectuals are equally invaluable.


  • to be acknowledged: được thừa nhận
  • sole: duy nhất
  • criterion: tiêu chí
  • typical: điển hình
  • compelling: thuyết phục
  • payment: tiền công
  • income: thu nhập
  • generate: tạo ra
  • immense: nhiều
  • profit: lợi nhuận
  • outperforming: vượt trội
  • outstanding: nổi bật
  • accumulate: tích lũy
  • support themselves and others: tự nuôi sống bản thân và người khác
  • ample: dồi dào
  • owing to: bởi vì
  • breakthrough: đột phá
  • conduct: thực hiện
  • setback: trở ngại
  • repel: đẩy lùi
  • fundamental: nền móng
  • contributor: người đóng góp
  • prosperity: sự thịnh vượng
  • human capital: nguồn lực con người
  • affluence: sự sung túc
  • intellectual: học giả


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