Cách viết 1 Idea thành 1 Paragraph ( Body)

Rất nhiều bạn gặp khó khăn khi có Idea số 2 trong phần Body, vậy làm sao viết cho đủ ít nhất 100 words cho phần body. Kỹ thuật dưới đây (viết theo đúng trình tự hướng dẫn) sẽ giúp các bạn giải quyết bài toán 1 idea cho 1 body.

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Cách viết 1 Idea thành 1 Paragraph ( Body)

1. Topic sentence with your first reason/benefit or else (1 sentence)

2. Explain the reason + effect (2 sentences)

3. Example

4. A short summary of your ideas

Mình cũng xem ví dụ sau:

Ví dụ 1: Big salary is much more important than job satisfaction. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

=> Áp dụng công thức trên

Body paragraph 1 – the 1st reason you agree/disagree

  • Sentence 1 – nêu lý do thứ nhất agree/disagree.

First of all, I believe that job satisfaction gives people a sense of fulfillment that no money can guarantee.

  • Sentences 2-3 – explain the reason. To explain the reason effectively, you can imagine that your examiner has no knowledge of this subject at all and you have to explain every detail:

Even if someone is earning a high salary, but feels stressful with his job, this person is hard to enjoy his life. While pursuing one’s interests will always bring pleasure and feeling of satisfaction.

  • Sentence 4 – example. It’s always good to give examples in your body paragraphs, even if you’re not asked to do it. In our case, the task asks you to provide relevant examples:

For example, lots of famous researchers made their career choices not because of appealing wages, but because they were passionate about science.

  • Sentence 5 – a short summary of your ideas in this paragraph:

That is why it is more important to choose the kind of work that makes you happy than to look only at a high salary.

Body paragraph 2 – the 2nd reason you agree/disagree

  • Sentence 1 – viết lý do thứ hai

Secondly, doing what you like keeps you motivated and therefore leads to a career growth.

  • Sentences 2-3 – explain the reason (assume that your examiner doesn’t understand the topic at all):

In other words, there is a strong relation between job satisfaction and productivity. People who love their jobs can easily excel (develop) in their fields of work and achieve better results than those, who put salary on the first place.

  • Sentence 4 – support your idea with an example:

For instance, Henry Miller decided to leave his everyday job despite a good wage and potential to become a writer. In fact, after enduring years of ups and downs he became one of the most famous and well-paid authors of the twentieth century.

  • Sentence 5 – a short summary of your thoughts in the 2nd paragraph.

=> Thus, advantages of jobs that keep you satisfied outweigh the drawback of a low salary in a long-term perspective.

Ví dụ về cách viết một idea thành 1 paragraph

Ví dụ 2: In some countries young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finishing high school and starting university studies. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for young people who decided to do this.

Topic sentence – explain – effect – example – short sum

1. Topic sentence: The fundamental benefit of taking a gap year to work is that students can make fortunes to fund the high costs of living and relevant expenses during their university life.

2. Explain: As a matter of fact, third level education is very expensive and plenty of students decide to work for 12 months and save up money before they begin their studies.

3. Effect: This allows them to pay for their living costs, tuition fees and accommodation and focus on their studies, rather than struggle financially or have to get a part time job on top of their academic work.

4. Example: The Times recently reported that the average student at a UK university requires over $12,000 per annum just to survive and many drop out because they cannot afford to stay.

5. Short summury: It is evident that this financial reason is fostering many students to take a gap year to engage in some types of jobs so as to afford school fees later on.

Lời kết:

HY VỌNG, phương pháp có thể giúp nhiều bạn giải bài toán thiếu ý cho phần body. Mặt dụ mình không mong đợi điều này lắm. Hôm khác mình sẽ chia sẽ về các có Ideas trong writing nhé.

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