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Solution essay là gì?

Gọi ngắn là Solution essay thực chất là 1 dạng khá đặc biệt của Two-part questions essay. Nghĩa  là, trong đề bài sẽ có 2 câu hỏi. Điều đặc biệt là, thay vì 2 câu hỏi tách biệt, 2 câu hỏi trong dạng  Solution essay sẽ có mối quan hệ chặt chẽ với nhau. 

Thông thường sẽ có nhiều kiểu đề khác nhau: 

Type  Question 1  Question 2
Causes Why is it happening … 

Why is this … 

What causes … 

What are the causes …

What solutions … 

What measures … 

What ways … 

What can be done …

Problems What problems … 

What difficulties … 

What negative impacts …


Hãy cùng nhau đi qua hai dạng đề trên nào.

Causes & Solutions 

Global warming is one of the biggest threats to our environment. 

What causes global warming? 

What solutions are there to this problem?


One of the most serious problems facing our world nowadays is global warming. There are some  reasons behind this phenomenon, which calls for feasible solutions to be adopted.


Some possible reasons can explain for this problem, and the first reason is related to massive tree  clearance. According to some recent studies, the area of forests around the world is reducing at an  unprecedented speed due to uncontrolled tree cutting. Because trees help control the Earth’s  atmosphere by absorbing CO2, their disappearance has speeded up global warming. Another reason  is that CO2 emissions are on the rise. In fact, the increase in atmospheric CO2 levels, mainly  resulting from fossil fuel burning, has also caused the planet to warm. If these causes are not  addressed, it is inevitable that the Earth will one day become too hot for humans to live.

Some plausible solutions can be implemented to tackle the two causes above. In terms of forest  loss, it is imperative that governments around the world should formulate laws governing how  forests are exploited and planted. That means, in parallel with exploiting trees in a controlled way,  they should also carry out afforestation programs. By doing this, it will help offset the impact of  forest losses and prevent future deforestation. As for CO2 emissions, people should switch to  renewable energies such as solar power, wind power or tidal power. Once fewer fossil fuels are  burned, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere would be reduced, and thus it  would be a remedy for global warming. 

Ở body người viết nêu rõ causes solutions, và chúng được liên kết chặt chẽ với nhau: 

Causes  Solutions
massive tree clearance – area of forests  around the world is reducing at an  

unprecedented speed

about deforestation: formulate laws  governing how forests are exploited and  planted
CO2 emissions – fossil fuel burning  about CO2 emissions: switch to renewable  energies



In short, there are some reasons for global warming, and in order to deal with it, some measures  should be taken into account. 


In conclusion, deforestation and excessive carbon emissions are the main causes for climate  change, and taking advantage of renewable energies and issuing laws to protect forests are the  two possible solutions.

Problems & Solutions 

Many young children have unsupervised access to the Internet and are using the Internet to  socialize with others. This can lead to a number of dangerous situations which can be threatening  for children. 

What problems do children face when going online without parental supervision? How can these problems be solved?


Many young children nowadays are using social networking sites to communicate with other  people without parental censorship. This can impose some serious risks on them, and thus  parents should take actions to keep their children safe. 

Người viết đã trả lời 2 câu hỏi đề bài: 

  • Problems: some serious risks 
  • Solutions: parents should take actions (cả 2 ý được viết chung chung, không cụ thể)


Children are generally vulnerable and therefore they can face some serious dangers when  socializing online. One of the most severe issues facing young teenagers is that they may become  the target of online predators who are hiding behind their computer screen and trying to persuade  them to meet up. Once children fall into their trap, they can be kidnapped or even human trafficked  illegally to other countries for their personal financial purposes. Another possible risk is that children can be harassed by criticism of people whom they do not know, which can lead to some  unexpected tragedies. For instance, last year, a teenage girl in Malaysia committed suicide after  carrying out an Instagram poll with 69% of her followers voting for her death and only 31% for life. 

In order to ensure their children’s safety, there are some measures which should be  implemented by parents. On the one hand, parents should spend time talking with their young  children about many aspects of life, including whom they often chat with on social networks. By  doing this, they can realize whether there is any harm coming to their children and take actions to  protect them timely. Another feasible solution is that parents should gain access to their children’s  accounts. If they know exactly how their children feel when gossiping with others, they can help  them eliminate negative feelings when they arise. 

Người viết nêu problems solutions liên hệ mật thiết với nhau

Problems  Solutions
one of the most severe issues – can be  kidnapped or even human trafficked illegally spend time talking with their young children realize harm (kidnappers,…)
Another possible risk is that – harassed by  criticism gain access to their children’s accounts eliminate feelings (criticism)


In conclusion, it is true that children can be harmed when using the Internet to socialize, and  therefore parents should learn to protect them by adopting some solutions discussed above.  

Như vậy, dàn bài cơ bản cho một bài Solution essay có thể gồm các phần sau:


Background information – paraphrase the topic (1 sentence) 

Thesis statement – be objective (1 sentence) 


Body 1 – 2 causes | 2 problems (4-5 sentences) 

Body 2 – 2 solutions (4-5 sentences) 


Summarize the main ideas of the essay (1 sentence)

Bài mẫu (Model essay)

Question: Even though governments have worked hard to bring about improvements in the healthcare system, the overall standard of physical health in developed countries is decreasing. What are the potential reasons for this, and what are some of the long-term effects?

Model essay: 

Health problems including heart disease, obesity, and diabetes are becoming more widespread in developed countries. There are several reasons contributing to this problem, as well as potentially drastic long-term effects.

Lifestyle choices are important and major causes of poor health in developed countries. These days, it is perhaps easier and cheaper to follow an unhealthy diet. For example, the recent boom in fast food restaurants and chains has enticed people to eat at these establishments rather than cooking healthy meals at home. Stress is another factor that has contributed to poor health. The fast-paced corporate culture and competitive work atmosphere make for a difficult work-life balance, resulting in little to no time for eating healthy or taking care of oneself.

These lifestyle choices will have drastic long-term effects. If generations continue to partake in these unhealthy habits, they will continue on for generations to come. For instance, parents who have diabetes or are prone to obesity have a higher chance of passing these conditions on to their children, and so on. Consequently, these health problems could result in a higher cost of living. Due to increased demand for services, it is only natural that the health care industry would charge higher prices to its clients, resulting in higher costs.

Poor lifestyle choices, ranging from unhealthy diets and higher stress, have certainly contributed to the decrease in health standards. If not properly taken care of, these problems could cause harmful long-term effects to future generations in terms of disease and a higher cost of living.

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