Idioms & Phrasal Verbs trong IELTS Speaking & Writing – Topic WORK

Trong bài thi IELTS thì Idioms & Phrasal Verbs đóng một vai trò hết sức quan trọng. Nếu bạn dùng Idioms một cách trôi trảy, các giảm khảo sẽ rất dễ ấn tượng với bạn. Đồng thời bài thi của bạn sẽ hay hơn rất nhiều và dễ dàng nâng được band điểm của mình. Hôm nay, IELTS Lingo sẽ giới thiệu đến các bạn Idioms & Phrasal Verbs trong IELTS Speaking & Writing – Topic WORK. Hãy cùng tìm hiểu nhé!

Idioms & Phrasal Verbs trong IELTS Speaking & Writing – Topic WORK

Carry out – làm một việc nào đó.

Ex. The crews are planning a five-hour spacewalk to carry out necessary repair work on the shuttle.

Take over – tiếp quản, giành lấy quyền điều khiển.

Ex. In the next few years, ABC Company will take over the small businesses.

Take on – mướn, thuê thêm người mới.

Ex. Our company is taking on new staffs at the moment.

Hand in – nộp, báo cáo công việc, hoặc giấy tờ.

Ex. John has already handed in his report.

Layoff – sa thải.

Ex. Due to bankruptcy, the company has to layoff 200 employees.

Call off – gọi xin nghĩ làm (gấp và không báo trước vài ngày).

Ex. Jenny’s daughter admitted to the hospital this morning, so she decided to call off from work.

Slack off – lười làm việc và làm việc không có năng lượng.

Ex. Most of the workers usually slack off on Friday.

to do a job-share: to share the weekly hours of work with another person.

one of the perks of the job: an extra benefit you get from a job.

temporary work: work done for a limited time only.

to be self-employed: see ‘to be your own boss’.

to be your own boss: to have your own business.

a nine-to-five job: a normal job that consists of an 8 hour day (approximately).

a high-powered job: an important or powerful job.

to be stuck behind a desk: to be unhappy in an office job.

a dead-end job: a job with no promotional opportunities.

to work with your hands: to do manual work.

  • to be called for an interview: to be invited to attend an interview.
  • a good team player: somebody who can work well with other people.
  • full-time: the number of hours that people usually work in a complete week.
  • to be well paid: to earn a good salary.
  • working conditions: the hours, salary and other entitlements that comes with the job.
  • manual work: work that requires physical activity.
  • to be/get stuck in a rut: to be in a boring job that is hard to leave.
  • voluntary work: to work without pay.
  • to take early retirement: to retire early (retire: to reach an age when you are allowed to stop working for a living).
  • holiday entitlement: the number of days holiday allowed.
  • sick leave: time allowed off work when sick.
  • maternity leave: time off work given to a woman about to have a baby.
  • a heavy workload: to have a lot of work to do.
  • to meet a deadline: to finish a job by an agreed time.
  • to run your own business: see ‘to be your own boss’.
  • job satisfaction: the feeling of enjoying a job.

Idioms & Phrasal Verbs trong IELTS Speaking & Writing – Topic WORK


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