Tổng hợp những mẫu câu hỏi và trả lời IELTS Speaking 6.5 Task 2 (phần 2)

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Các dạng câu hỏi và mẫu câu trả lời trong phần IELTS Speaking

Sample 16: Describe a live performance you have seen 

You should say: 

  • What it was 
  • When you saw it 
  • Who you were with 

And explain why you watched it 

Recently my cousin and I went to the Cirque du Soleil or which translated means  Circus of the Sun, performance as recommended by a Canadian friend. Cirque du  Soleil is a Montreal, Canada based entertainment company and the largest  contemporary circus producer in the world with tours and permanent venues  around the world including North America, Europe and now Asia. 

When I was in elementary school, my parents took me to a circus. I was in awe and  excited with all the performance and animals. I discovered later that many animals  were mistreated and stressed by circus work. Cirque du Soleil uses no animals in  their acts which suits me just fine. 

Cirque du Soleil also caters to the Chinese desires by providing a Western brand of  entertainment and respecting the Chinese culture. Over fifty percent of the  performers are Chinese. The shows have nonstop music and action with acrobatics  and vivid colors. 

We were memorized by the stunts and acts presented and it was definitely an  entertaining experience that I would recommend to young and old. They are planning  a show next year and I am sure that I will see that one too

Sample 17: Describe an article on health you have read 

You should say: 

  • What it was about 
  • Where you read it 
  • Why you read it 

And explain how you felt about it 

I recently read an article on what foods to eat and avoid for a healthy body and it  provided recipes for the healthy food ingredients. The article also suggested that  eating better would improve my energy level, so I searched for exercise and fitness. 

Scanning my search results I found an article on outdoor exercises as opposed to a  gym workout. The article outlined the advantages of outdoor exercise. For example  “you will likely enjoy it more”,”save a lot of money “and “benefit from the sun”. 

All exercise workouts start with the warm up by stretching, squats, and pushups to  warm up your muscles. The routine suggested a brisk walk and since and needed to  go to the market to buy those healthy food items I had read about earlier, I grabbed  

my shopping bag and walked to the market. With three kilos more weight I was  carrying, I returned home at a slower pace. “Climb stairs” they say. Well my apartment  is on the third floor so I had no choice. When I finally got to my place, I was winded  and felt I had done enough for the first day. 

I read the rest of the article and found it very interesting with other exercises  and routines that I tried on other days. I believe these lifestyle changes are  improving my health and well being.

Sample 18:Describe a time you saw an interesting animal 

You should say: 

  • What it looked like 
  • Where you saw it 
  • What it was doing 

And explain why you think it was interesting 

A fascinating creature I went to observe recently was the giant Panda at the Bejing zoo. 

In China, the Panda is a magnificent national treasure, reflecting the country’s gentle  nature, uniqueness and ancient culture. It is also has a unique species found only in  China and unfortunately is classified as endangered with fewer than two thousand  remaining in the wild as humans have encroached on its habitat. 

People around the world recognize it as a symbol of China having been featured as an  Olympic mascot in Beijing and as a symbol of the World Wildlife Foundation. 

The giant panda has a body shape typical of bears. It has black fur on its ears, eye  patches, muzzle, legs, arms and shoulders. The rest of the animal’s coat is white. 

The giant panda’s diet is primarily herbivorous, consisting almost exclusively of  bamboo but will eat meat, fish, and eggs when available. 

I am not a fan of zoos as I believe it is cruel to cage animals, denying them their  freedom and placing them in a boring and unnatural environment however the zoo  would be the only opportunity to view a panda. 

As I approached the Panda hall, I was pleased to see a huge enclosure where I could  see a panda first hand. 

I was excited and watched in amazement as they quickly feasted on bamboo and  supplements provide by the zoo keepers 

It was a worthwhile, informative and interesting visit.

Sample 19: Describe something you bought that was difficult to use at first

You should say: 

  • What it was 
  • Where you bought it 
  • Why it was difficult to  

use at first And explain how you felt about it 

One of the hardest item to learn and become familiar with was my first smart phone, I  purchased many years ago. I had to transition from my simple cell which I used for  texting and the odd phone call, to in my opinion, a complicated and unnecessary  luxury. 

My friends would chuckle as I pulled out my old phone as they all had newer  technology. I resisted their teasing and recommendations to keep up with the times. 

There came a time however, when my cell service provider updated their  equipment and would no longer support my older technology. 

Deciding which phone to buy was difficult as there were specifications and features I  did not understand. I read reviews and listened to advice from friends and finally  decided on the make and model I wanted. Fortunately the desired phone was coming  on sale and I made my decision to purchase the latest Samsung model from the  Samsung retailer at my local shopping center. 

The challenge started with a gadget that was totally unfamiliar to me, but with the  internet and help from my friends, I overcame the difficulties. I have upgraded a few  times over the years, use it daily and I never leave home without my phone.

Sample 20: Describe a job that you would not like to do in the future

You should say: 

  • What it is 
  • How you know about it 
  • Why you think it is undesirable 

And explain why you would not like to do it 

As I was walking to the super market recently to purchase some items for dinner, I  noticed a section of road near the sidewalk that was blocked off with traffic cones  and rope. The traffic was backed up as it maneuvered around the obstacle. 

Curiosity got the best of me, so I stopped to see what was happening. I observed a  sewer maintenance crew wearing dirty coveralls and hard hats working on the sewer  system. They had the sewer cover off and I saw one crew member climbing down the  pipe. 

Although they actually get paid very well, that job would be the most undesirable that I  could imagine. 

I’m not a physical person and prefer to work in an office so this kind of work would  not appeal to me. I am sure it would be very warm in the summer and extremely cold  in the winter to work in a wet and enclosed environment. For me, working outdoors  without the comfort of air conditioning and central heating would be hard  unbearable. And I could only imagine how filthy the crew would be after a day’s work  and how bad the locker room would smell where the crew would shower and change  clothes before their commute home. 

During this time watching the men work, I had to take a step back as I smelt the stench  coming from the system. I can only imagine how filthy and smelly the crew would be  after a day’s work. 

I am sure there are worse jobs but I would dislike that one the most.

Sample 21: Describe a successful small company you know about

You should say: 

  • What sort of company it is 
  • How you know about it 
  • Why you think it is  

successful And explain how you feel about it 

When I was still attending university, I asked my dad if he knew of any part-time jobs  that might be available to help with my expenses. He had a friend that had a  warehouse and retail business that might have a vacancy. He called his friend and  enquired about possible employment. Asking me when I might be available for an  interview, he made an appointment for me. 

When I arrived at the warehouse, I noticed that it was substantial but not huge. The  owner outlined the product mix that included pet and farm animal foods, fertilizers,  pesticides, herbicides, farm and garden tools and supplies like fencing wire and posts. 

My job was to be working on the weekend and during holidays in the warehouse  loading pallets with feed and other items that local famers had ordered for delivery. 

It was backbreaking work but I soon built up my body and stamina and worked in  the warehouse until my graduation. 

The owner offered me a job working in the office making up packing slips for the  warehousemen and invoicing and accounting after I had graduated. 

I would say the owner and his sons are workaholics as they are on site from  morning to night. Their business has grown due to good customer service, prompt  delivery and a well stocked operation with the necessary products for pet owners  and farmers.

Sample 22: Describe an ideal house or apartment that you want to live in

You should say: 

  • Where it is 
  • What it is like 
  • Who you would like to live  

there with And explain why you think it is ideal 

Location would be important for the perfect residence for my needs. I would near to be  where I need to commute, preferable within walking or bicycling or at least near quick  public transportation. It would also need to be near green spaces to relax and chill out  

and have easy access to amenities like shopping, restaurants and entertainment  complexes. 

As for the structure, I would desire a three bedroom rancher style townhouse in a quiet  subdivision. 

Let me provide more detail. I prefer a subdivision because it is away from the main  traffic areas so is quieter and you can meet easier with neighbors. A townhouse  community also usually has a smaller land size thereby reducing maintenance and has  shared facilities, for example a community swimming pool with food and beverages  available. 

Three bedrooms would be adequate with a master bedroom and one for a child’s  room and the other for a quest room that can also double as a quiet computer desk. 

The living room would be modest with simple wall hangings and comfortable  furniture. I would prefer a western kitchen with a stove and oven, refrigerator and it  would have ample counter space.

Sample 22: Describe an important festival that is celebrated in your country

You should say: 

  • what festival it is 
  • why it is important 
  • what do people usually do on that festival 

and explain how important it is for you personally 

The festival that I would like to talk about is Chinese New Year, which is one of the  most essential and widely celebrated festivals in my country. This is the occasion that  people celebrate with great joy, hope and festivity with their beloved ones. One of the  most integral moments that is expected by all people is the stroke of midnight  according to Lunar Calendar. 

It is often celebrated with fireworks and people send each other their best wishes for  an awesome year ahead. In my country, people often get careful preparation for Lunar  New Year in order to ensure that every single thing is perfect for welcoming a new  year. On the last night of the year, people stay awake, reunite with their family and  wait for the very first sacred moments of the year. 

According to the conventions, people dress smartly on the following days, pay their  relatives, friends a visit and send them the beautiful regards for the upcoming year. It  is also traditional in my country to go to sacred places like pagodas or churches with  the aim of praying for peace and happiness in the future. In people’s belief, red is  considered as the lucky color in the new year. That’s why people often choose to dress  in vivid color as the way to eliminate bad luck and welcoming good things. My country  also has some unique traditions like lucky money, preparing homemade food or  decorating home in the first days of the year. It is also a precious time for family  reunion, resolution and relaxation after a hard-working year. 


  • integral = essential  
  • conventions = ways of doing things sacred  
  • places = eligious places  
  • eliminate = get rid of 
  • unique  =  special and only one

Sample 23: Describe a positive change that you made to your life

You should say: 

  • what the change is 
  • why it was important to make the change 
  • how you made the change 

and explain how important this positive this change is 

The positive change that I would like to talk about is getting up earlier. They say old  habits die 

hard, which made perfect sense to me when I first started to get rid of my unhealthy  routine. There were so many temptations during the night time that kept me awake for  hours. And it could be anything such as the latest episode of The Walking Dead, a music  video that I had been counting down for weeks to be released or I simply wanted to  meet a deadline because I had been procrastinating for a month and so on. As a result,  going to bed after 1 or 2 AM was inevitable. It took me long enough to be fully aware of  how destructive this sleeping habit could be for me, both physically and mentally,  especially in a long run. Therefore, I had no choice but to give up that kind of toxic  habit. 

I have learnt a lot since starting waking up early in the morning. The key is starting  small and taking one step at a time. It was so tiresome and torturing at the beginning  that I tended to get irritated whenever anyone approached me about 10 minutes into  my running session. However, everything has its own way of getting better and so is  my temper. I now feel fully energized and extremely refreshing in the morning and even more productive at work. 


  • Accomplish: to succeed in doing or completing something 
  • early riser: person who wakes up early in the morning 
  • old habits die hard: People find it difficult to change their accustomed behavior
  • make sense: to be clear and easy to understand 
  • get rid of: to remove or throw away something unwanted 
  • procrastinate: to delay doing something that you should do, usually because you do not  want to do it 
  • inevitable: that you cannot avoid or prevent 
  • tiresome: making you feel annoyed

Sample 24: Describe an attractive outdoor place you visited as a child.

You should say: 

  • where this place is 
  • when and how you went there 
  • what the place looked like 

and say what you found attractive about this place. 

I’m going to describe a really beautiful park I used to visit when I was a child. It is a  national park about 100km away from my hometown of Ho Chi Minh City. 

With regards to the question of when I used to go there, my parents and I often  went there whenever we had a long weekend. Since, it’s not far away we used to drive  our car. We would set off in the wee hours to avoid the hellish rush hour traffic of my  city. I am not an early bird so I usually slept during the journey… and woke up in  paradise! 

Now concerning what this place looks like, I really felt over the moon every time I  went there. It is a wonderful place with fascinating and marvelous natural beauty.  There is a large salt lake in the centre of this park with extremely clean water, in which  I could see the reflection of the blue sky, white clouds and green hills. 

Another thing that really attracted me was that there are many kinds of fish in this  lake, such as carp and trout. We often went boating and fishing in the lake. Once I  even caught an angelfish, which is a beautiful fish with long fins. I wanted to bring it  home as my pet, but I was afraid that I couldn’t take care of it, so I just set it free. 

Finally I’d like to mention that the most attractive feature is that the lake there is  surrounded by a variety of tropical fruit trees, including lichi trees, durian trees and  mango trees. Usually, after fishing we would have a BBQ for our lunch under those fruit  trees. In the afternoon, we would rent a tandem bicycle and ride together on a small  path around the lake, enjoying the tranquility and fresh air.

Sample 25: Describe piece of good news that you received 

You should say: 

  • what the good news is 
  • how you heard about it 
  • why this news was good 

and explain how important this news is for you personally 

The good news that I would like to talk about is the time I received an offer letter to  attend a national conference for young leaders and individuals who are passionate  about international affairs last summer. The program called Youth Model United  Nations was held in NY City 3 days and was one of the most exciting journeys I’ve ever  experience. It’s safe to say that being elected as one of the candidates for a national  scale event where brilliant, dynamic and ambitious young people gathered gave me  some sense of confidence and satisfaction. 

The recruitment process was not terribly complicated but highly competitive. We had  been through 3 different rounds where we were tested about our knowledge of  international affairs in general, our solutions for various issues like environment  and sustainable energy as well as English proficiency. 

Though it required time and effort to actually get tuned into the world’s current  status and to provide relevant answers, the result was immensely rewarding. I  recalled it was 9PM in the evening and our family were all in the living room for  some quality time when I got an email from the organizer. 

I was speechless, then shouted my heart out because that was a fully-funded trip and I  would be able to travel alone for the very first time. Even though my parents had been  worried and against it at first, I managed to convince them that if they didn’t allow me  to step out of my comfort zone and explore the world, I would forever dream small and  be small. 

Eventually, everything went smoothly and the conference was a blast. It was an  eventful and memorable 3-day adventure where I made friends with people from  diverse backgrounds and became more independent in every decision and action that I  took – a better version of myself. Hence, I wouldn’t mind receiving good news like this  more often in the future. 


  • Passionate: having or showing strong feelings of enthusiasm for something or belief in something 
  • Competitive: used to describe a situation in which people or organizations compete  against eachother 
  • Rewarding: worth doing; that makes you happy because you think it is useful or important 
  • Shout one’s heart out: to shout with vigor or intensity
  • Eventful: full of things that happen, especially exciting, important or dangerous things

Sample 26: Describe a special gift you have given 

You should say: 

  • what the gift was 
  • who you gave this gift to 
  • why you gave this gift 

and explain what was most special about this gift 

The gift that I would like to talk about is a scarf. It was my mom’s fiftieth birthday  that my sister and I managed to surprise her with our gift – an exclusive emerald  green scarf tailor-made by the most renowned tailor in town. 

Mom is the most warm-hearted and forgiving person I’ve ever known and should be  given “Mom of the Year” award if there is one. However, since there isn’t, my sister and  I decided to give her the best she deserved when she turned 50 – a milestone in one’s  lifetime and it was her birthday after all. Therefore, we started saving money from our  part-time jobs 4 months before D-day and met up with Joe – the talented tailor who  was most well-known for his remarkable collection of beautifully handmade scarfs:  from silk to wool with a variety of unique patterns. 

Our choice was the long and emerald one which was made in silk charmeuse,  allowing it to show off saturated colors so well. The smooth texture felt like a soft  touch on your skin and depending on how you tied it, you could emphasize on the  shiny side or the matte. We chose it not only because of its elegance and affordability  in comparison with others but also its usage. It matched perfectly with different  kinds of clothes and was not too thick for daily use in a tropical country. 

Our mom fell in love with the scarf at first sight because it was in her favorite color or  simply just because we were her favorites in the whole world. She bragged about it to  all her friends and family days after that and we didn’t mind, not even the slightest as  there was nothing as precious as the smile that lit up her face. 


  • exclusive: of a high quality and expensive and therefore not often bought or used by  most people 
  • tailor-made: made for a particular person or purpose, and therefore very suitable
  • renowned: famous and respected 
  • remarkable: unusual or surprising in a way that causes people to take notice
  • elegance: the quality of being attractive and well designed 
  • affordability: the fact of being cheap enough that people can afford to buy it or pay  it; how affordable something is 
  • brag: to talk too proudly about something you own or something you have done

Sample 27: Describe a good feature of your personality 

You should say: 

  • what the feature is 
  • why it is a good feature 
  • how this feature has benefited you 

and explain how important this feature is for your future 

he good feature that I would like to talk about is my non-judgmental attitude. 

The state of being non-judgmental is not to pass judgement on anyone or anything  too quickly without full acknowledgement. It’s an unhealthy habit as well as a sign of  people with a fixed mindset that hinders them from truly perceiving the surroundings  as what they are. Therefore, I try to avoid it at all cost, which is not impossible  because, fortunately, it has imprinted in my mind at early age that everything has its  own reason for existence. 

An ability to be fair and to reserve my comments on everything around has opened up  my eyes and afforded me an opportunity to actually reach out to people and learn about  their inner desire and motivation. For example, if you have a classmate who breaks the  

school’s record for the number of times him being late, you could presume that he is a  lazy boy who spends the whole night playing Play Station 4. 

However, little do you know that he wakes up at 4.00AM every morning to deliver milk  and newspapers in a nearby neighborhood. No, you don’t. You just want to be right  and don’t have a heart to dig deeper. That’s exactly where things go wrong. As a result,  I’ve made a promise to myself that no matter what the situation is, I would look into it  with the eye of an outsider, someone who can view it in different angles. Admittedly,  it’s easier said than done. Once in a while, your emotion will cloud your common sense.  Still, practicing non-judgmental attitude is one step closer to perfection.

Sample 28: Describe the person who you most like to spend time with

You should say: 

  • who the person is 
  • why you like to spend time with them 
  • how much time you spend with them 

and explain why this is the person you most like to spend time with 

I’m grateful to have such a supportive family and a large circle of friends who are  always be there for me no matter what. I spend most of my free time surrounded with  my beloved friends and family. Even though I love them all to the moon and back, my  younger sister, Kate, is the one that’s closest to me. 

Kate is seven years younger than me, which might create some sense of generation gap,  yet, we still get along well, or at least most of the time. She is in high school now and  has a dream of becoming a doctor one day. In term of appearance, we have little in  common. By that I mean while I’m kind of tall, she’s relatively short; while I take after  my father, she’s my mom’s spitting image. Same thing with our characteristics. I am  peopleoriented and a true free spirit, Kate, on the contrary, is quite introverted and  into stability. Hence, that came as a huge surprise when others acknowledge our strong  bond. We’re like 2 sides of the same coin. 

No matter how different we are, we have never neglected or abandoned each other. In  fact, we are partners in crime in so many impulsive and silly acts that our family has lost  count. Once, I tried to play the victim with my uncle as I accidentally broke a crystal vase  that my aunt adored, Kate backed me up as we put the blame on our poor cousin. What a  shameful act! But that was years ago and we learnt our lesson in a hard way. Another  time when my sister’s teacher asked to meet our parents because Kate had ditched class.  To her defense, that subject was boring and I was the one who talked to her teacher. In  the end, Kate had to serve more time at the library and we kept this from our parents and  so were other things. We got each other’s back and we always will because that’s what  sisters do and simply because I love her.

Sample 29: Describe a gift you received that made you happy

You should say: 

  • what the gift is 
  • who gave it to you 
  • how you used the gift 

and explain why this gift made you happy 

The good gift that I would like to talk about is a book I received my best friend who is  now residing in England. It was an utter surprise since I thought she had forgotten it  because she didn’t once mention it during our conversion the previous night. What  inside the box intrigued me more. It was a book called “How to win friends and  influence people” by Dale Carnegie, one of the most classic books of all time and has  been my bible ever since. 

The book was first published about 60 years ago but still holds the same value until  today. It was also one of the most influential self-help books that provided wonderful,  yet practical advice on how to become a social person who earned respect from as well  as was well-liked by others. My version was the 14th edition with a hard, black cover  which was engraved with the title in gold script. The book comprised 6 main sections,  each focusing on one aspect varying from handling people, presenting yourself in a  proper way to influencing others. Those were timeless lessons that were widely  applied on a daily basis as and especially formal occasions. 

There was plenty to take out from “How to win friends and influence people” but the  one thing that I found most applicable and everyone should practice it was “6 ways to  make people like you”. It might sound as easy as pie and inevitable truth like smiling  and being a good listener, however, few had mastered it or took it seriously since they  failed to acknowledge the importance of simple but powerful act. I’ve read the book  countless time but still struggled to bring those philosophies into life. But practice  makes perfect.

Sample 30: Describe something old that your family has kept 

You should say: 

  • what the thing is 
  • what it looks like 
  • what it is used for 

and explain why your family has kept this thing for a long time 

The old thing that I would like to talk about is an astonishing pearl necklace that  belonged to my great grandmother. It has been there for quite a long time as a family  heirloom on my mom’s side, which, I guess, would become mine when the time comes.  Though I haven’t seen neither my Grannie nor my mom wear it, the necklace still holds  an underlying meaning and is always treated with greatest care and love. 

The pearl necklace is super classic and simple, just like what it represents: pure  beauty. The strand was hand-strung with a notch between each pearl to avoid them  rubbing against each other. Even though it has been carefully preserved, the shiny  surface of each pearl is no longer at its best; instead, a few scratches have appeared  and the bright white color has started to get dull. It was on our great grandparents’ wedding that my great grandfather presented his beloved wife this  precious gift and it immediately became her favorite. She wore it whenever there was  an occasion, which means practically every time she went out. This was proven by the  number of pictures we found her wearing the chain years later. 

My Grannie inherited it after her mom passed away but almost never touched it unless  to clean or move it from box to box. She said she wanted to keep its true spirit and the  beautiful story behind as it was meant to be. As a result, years has gone by but that  delicate pearl chain has always stayed untouched inside the jewelry box and will still  be there in many years to come as a sign of respect and reminder of the good old days. 


  •  Astonishing (adj) very surprising, amazing 
  • Heirloom (noun) a valuable or special possession that has belonged to a family  for many years
  • underlying meaning (expression) are the real or basic  meaning, although they are not obvious or directly stated 
  • inherit (verb) to receive property or money from someone who has died
  • delicate (adj) attractive with many small details

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