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Some educationalists say that every child should be taught how to play a musical instrument. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1:

Children’s education is a topic that is discussed a lot in society. According to some educationists, every child should be taught to play a musical instrument. I am in favour of this opinion for a multitude of reasons that will be detailed in this essay.

Being able to play musical instruments will benefit children mentally. First off, playing music is a good way to stimulate neural activity. It helps them with hand-eye coordination, while not being too taxing on their young brains. Besides, children’s sense of imagination will be allowed to develop as well, through the soothing melodies of the songs that they use to practice. Secondly, it is possible that through playing musical instruments, a child will get to discover his musical talent and passion. This is particularly important because when he knows there is something that he is good at, his self-esteem will be raised.

Furthermore, when children become well-acquainted with playing musical instruments, they will probably enjoy some social perks as well. Assuming that playing music is not something forced on them, children may still develop a hobby in music even if they do not practice to a point of sophistication. As a result, this will let them easily make friends with other kids of the same interest. In addition to this, children who have found their passion in music can find their place in the musical clubs at their schools. With luck, they can enter musical academies to further sharpen their talent, or find music to be their true calling in life as they grow older.

In conclusion, I am fairly certain that teaching children to play musical instruments is a positive idea due to the various benefits that can be brought upon them, both mentally and socially.

Từ vựng và collocations hay đã dùng:

– Stimulate (v.): kích thích

– Neural activity (n.): hoạt động trí óc

– Taxing (adj.): nặng nề, gây áp lực

– Soothing (adj.): dịu dàng, êm ái

– Self-esteem (n.): lòng tự trọng

– Perk (n.): lợi thế

– Sophistication (n.): sự tinh hoa

– True calling in life (n./expression): mục đích trong cuộc sống


Sample 2:

Nowadays, learning to play music is more important in early education because of its advantages for children development. I totally agree with the idea that all children should be taught instrumental skills.

The first reason to support this idea is that all children, if being taught musical skills, have an opportunity to become a musician which is one of the high paid jobs in modern society. This seems to be the most common incentive for all parents to send their children to instrumental classes. Of course, it is difficult to say whether a child would succeed in playing music, but they at least have a chance to discover whether they are interested in a music career.

Another reason why playing music is worth learning for all children is the benefits it brings to their intellectual and social development. Their cognitive abilities could be enhanced since they have to multitask while playing music by combining simultaneously hearing, seeing, and moving hands, for example. Moreover, in my country, children having instrumental skills often take part in musical clubs at school where they can easily socialise with those sharing a similar interest in music.

Some parents might be against the idea of teaching all children playing music because it is challenging to learn at an early age, but in my experience, it is not that difficult. For example, I could play the violin when I was ten although it could be seen as the most difficult instrument to learn for children at that age. What they need is simply one who can encourage them not to quit the violin lessons like my parents did; thus, I believe that all children can learn to play it too.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that every child should be encouraged to learn to play a musical instrument. This skill is beneficial in many different ways, whether children can be good at it or not.





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