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Từ vựng IELTS và bài mẫu – Chủ đề Invention

Invention ( phát minh) là một trong những chủ đề khá là quen thuộc với các sĩ tử luyện thi IELTS. Đây được xem là một chủ đề khá là khó trong học thuật vì nó đòi hỏi tính kỹ thuật cao bên cạnh đó bạn cần phải nắm rõ vốn từ vựng của chủ đề này nữa. Để giúp cho các bạn luôn tự tin khi gặp phải chủ đề này, thì trong bài viết này, IELTS Lingo sẽ tổng hợp lại cho các bạn bộ từ vựng” siêu hay” về chủ đề Invention để các bạn có thể áp dụng vào trong bài thi của mình nhé!

Từ vựng IELTS – Chủ đề Invention

1. INVENTORS (Nhà phát minh)

  • Technical know-how (n) Kiến thức về công nghệ
  • Trial and error (n) Quá trình thử nghiệm và thất bại
  • Practicability (n) Tính hữu dụng
  • Prolific inventor (n) Nhà khoa học có rất nhiều phát minh
  • Patents (n) Bằng sáng chế
  • Phonograph (n) Máy hát
  • Light bulb (n) Bóng đèn điện
  • Experiment (n) Thí nghiệm
  • Failure (n) Thất bại
  • Advent (n) Sự xuất hiện/sự ra đời
  • Milestone in history (n) Dấu mốc trong lịch sử
  • Household appliance (n) Thiết bị gia dụng
  • Innovations (n) Sự đổi mới, cải tiến
  • Commercialized (adj) Thương mại hóa

Sample answer

Part 1
Question: Do you want to become an inventor in the future? (Bạn có muốn trở thành một nhà phát minh trong tương lai không?)

(Answer) Actually I find myself not creative enough to be an inventor. (Reason) I don’t have a necessary amount of technical know-how and patience to go through a lot of trial and error. (Example) I would like to be a person who can enjoy the inventions rather than the one who can invent them.

Part 2
Question: Describe an inventor that you admire the most. 

(Answer) Wow, to be honest, today I would like to describe Thomas Edison – an American and one of the greatest inventors of all time and he is considered one of the men that have changed the world.

(Reason) I mention him for his perseverance through a lot of trial and error and the practicability of his inventions. (Example) He is famous all over the world for being a very prolific inventor, who has more than 1,000 patents for more than 1,000 inventions throughout his life – a very impressive number! It took him many years to invent those things and his inventions range from fluoroscope, phonograph,… but the most outstanding one must be the light bulb, which is the thing that we still use today. After a lot of experiment then failure and other difficulties, he finally invented one of the greatest inventions in humankind history. The advent of the light bulb in 1880 marked a milestone in history when it put an end to darkness and people had a brand new household appliance to light.

(Example) Moreover, the phonograph, or a record player, is also one of his famous inventions. Although now it is only used by a small number of people, it used to be the most popular entertaining application for millions of people around the world. In addition, Thomas Edison is also famous for his quote: “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”, which inspires people to work with perseverance and passion then success will come to them.

2. INVENTIONS (Các phát minh)

  • Techie (n) Người hiểu biết nhiều về công nghệ
  • Browse websites (v) Lướt mạng
  • Revolutionary creations (n) Sáng tạo mang tính cách mạng
  • Cost-effective (adj) Tiết kiệm chi phí
  • Get in touch (v) Giữ liên lạc
  • Various purposes (n) Nhiều mục đích
  • Surf the net (v) Lướt mạng
  • Barrier (n) Rào cản
  • Online application (n) Ứng dụng trực tuyến
  • Have (St) delivered to (v) Vận chuyển cái gì đến đâu
  • Technological breakthrough (n) Sự đột phá về công nghệ
  • Automated robot (n) Rô-bốt tự động

Sample answer

Part 1
Question: Do you enjoy using technological devices?

(Answer) Definitely yes. (Example) I have to say that I am a techie and I love to browse websites in my free time to find information about the latest technological innovations. I am a big fan of them; for example, smart phone, TV or computer. I think my life would suffer a lot of difficulties if I don’t have these technological inventions.

Part 2

Question: Describe an invention that changes people’s life

(Answer) Well, when it comes to invention, I would choose smart phone – which is one of the revolutionary creations of human beings.

(Reason) It is both convenient and cost-effective. (Example) In the past, when there was no smart phone, people could only get in touch with each other through telephone and it took ages to reach one person but now, with only one smart phone, we can use it for various purposes. Not only can we call others but we can also see their face, keep updated with their daily activities or do other kinds of entertainment; for example, listen to music or surf the net. Moreover, there are available applications such as Grab which helps us catch a taxi or motorbike much more easily. With this smart device, there seems to be little barrier in communication among people.

(Reason) In addition, smart phone helps reduce the cost of our call as we have online application such as Viber, Skype or Whatsapp. (Example) We can also do the shopping without going to traditional markets. With just one screen and one touch, we can get whatever we want and have them delivered to our home. People often say that with only one smart phone, they can carry the whole world with them. So you see, it is a wonderful thing to have it in our life!

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