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Describe an event that changed your life | IELTS Speaking Part 2

Dưới đây là câu trả lời mẫu và từ vựng cho chủ đề IELTS Speaking Part 2Describe an event that changed your life. Hãy cùng tham khảo cách diễn đạt cùng một số tips trả lời trong bài viết này cùng IELTS LINGO nhé!!!

Câu trả lời mẫu (Sample Answer)

Describe An Event That Changed Your Life

Describe an event that changed your life
Work from home

Well, I think every person has an eye-opening moment or moment that define who they are, how they think and behave, and I am no exception. Mine actually happened quite recently, during the Covid 19 Pandemic to be exact.

Well, you know, in order to prevent the spread of the fatal virus, we all have to stay indoors and work from home, which has been very challenging for many people, myself included. Because I simply enjoy working in certain settings, especially with white noises and human interaction; I just love the buzzing atmosphere like at a coffee shop, or in a co-working space or in an office.

However, in contrast, staying at home creates a lot of conveniences, and ironically enough, comfort is my inner-saboteur. It kind of erases the importance of rules, disciplines and time, so I suddenly became very easy on myself, work-wise and nutrition-wise. Overeating and procrastination somehow turned into my new coping mechanism during quarantine. And the worst part is I just kept longing for the normality we once had before all of this, instead of taking action and adapting, and at the end of the day, I couldn’t help feeling useless and disappointed in myself.

Then one day, I suddenly realized that I can never fully appreciate the value of resting without working. It’s like a wake-up call to me, and I found the solution, and  I push myself to be busier, to kinda get back to normal. So I set up the alarms, make plans, I try to mirror the working and sleeping pattern that I once had. I also try to mimic the office environment by working at a desk instead of on the bed, or surrounding myself with jazz music, coffee, post-it notes and pens, always ready. I really need to stay disciplined and fight the amenity staying at home provides, just to later enjoy them as rewarding prizes.

So, for many people, this can be just as simple as adapting. But for me, the whole experience is life-changing because it helps me treasure the power of self-control and comfort more than ever.

Thank you so much for tuning in and staying at home. Please stay safe and may we see each other again when things get better. This has been Duy Anh from TIW.

(Sample by Mr Duy Anh – Giáo viên The IELTS Workshop)

 Từ vựng và cách diễn đạt (Vocabulary Highlight)

  • eye-opening (adj) mang tính mở mang tầm mắt
  • an eye-opening moment: khoảnh khắc khiến ta sáng tỏ, nhận ra điều gì đó
  • to be no exception (adj): không phải là ngoại lệ
  • Fatal (adj) chết người
  • Setting (n) môi trường, hoàn cảnh, điều kiện
  • White noise (n) tiếng tạp âm, tiếng ồn tự nhiên
  • Buzzing atmosphere (adj-n) bầu không khí nhộn nhịp
  • Ironically: một cách trớ trêu
  • Inner-saboteur: kẻ đâm lén từ bên trong (ý là điều làm hại mình)
  • To be easy on one’s self: dễ dãi với ai đó
  • Procrastination: sự chần chừ, lần lữa
  • Coping mechanism: cơ chế đối phó (của mỗi người trước một vấn đề nào đó)
  • Long for: ngóng chờ, ao ước về
  • Normality: sự bình thường
  • Wake-up call: sự thức tỉnh, cuộc gọi khiến bản thân giác ngộ điều gì đó
  • To mirror: sao chép, bắt chước lại cái gì đó
  • Pattern (n) ở đây có thể hiểu là lộ trình, kiểu mẫu thường làm theo
  • To mimic: nhại lại, làm cho giống, sao chép lại
  • Amenity: sự thoải mái, tiện nghi
  • To treasure something: trân quý, coi trọng điều gì đó

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